Song Review - "Lich" - Ashes of Decay

Song Review - "Lich" - Ashes of Decay
Spotify Cover - Ashes of Decay

Hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah, metal act Ashes of Decay released their debut single "Lich" on May 22nd, 2024. The 3 minute track starts off with an ominous sample before launching into blasting double bass drumming, heavy-hitting riffage, and explosively heavy screaming and growling vocals. With a raw and intensely heavy sound, Ashes of Decay mixes classic heavy metal with deathcore and synth elements. Bright arpeggiated electronic synths create an element of melody that layers above the band's crushingly heavy extreme vocals, down-tuned chugging and impactful drum work.

"Lich" is absolutely brimming with violent breakdowns creating a truly heavy atmosphere that any extreme metal fan is certain to enjoy. Ashes of Decay does an excellent job of balancing contrast between synths and ambient noises and the band's heavy instrumentals/vocals. With a fresh and exciting sound in the deathcore genre, "Lich" is an impressive debut release that leaves fans excited to see what comes next for Ashes of Decay. You can stream "Lich" on all streaming platforms now.

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