Song Review | “Master Of Death” - Hate Within

Song Review | “Master Of Death” - Hate Within
Hate Within - Spotify Cover

Hate Within reigns from Atlanta, Georgia - the deathcore act unleashed their 2nd single “Master Of Death” on March 25th. Hate Within quickly establishes a theatrical and symphonic sound with soaring guitar leads and dramatic orchestral strings creating a foundation of melody. In an explosion “Master Of Death” launches into insanely fast blast beats and double bass drumming. Brutal screams work alongside dynamic drum work and electrifying riffage to create an energetic and fast-paced sound. Drawing from blackened/symphonic metal, “Master Of Death” reminds us of a mix of Lorna Shore, Shadow of Intent, and Hate Within‘s own distinct style.

Hate Within utilizes contrast expertly with racing tempos drastically switching into down-tempo breakdowns that create a powerful sense of intensity. After a shredding guitar solo, Hate Within launches into an incredibly nasty breakdown featuring inhuman gutturals, chunky bass, impactful drumming, and violent guitar chugging. “Master Of Death” launches back into a thrashing orchestral section to fade out the song on a high note. Fans of power metal, symphonic and blackened deathcore, and death metal will definitely enjoy Hate Within’s well-produced and brutal style of music! You can stream “Master of Death” out on all streaming platforms now!

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