Song Review | "A Passage to the 5th Dimension" - Matouš Tomaškovič

Song Review | "A Passage to the 5th Dimension" - Matouš Tomaškovič
Spotify Cover - Matouš Tomaškovič

American metal solo project, Matouš Tomaškovič released their latest single, "A Passage to the 5th Dimension" on September 28th. The song starts with bright yet distinctly ominous guitar melodies before exploding into heavy-hitting tremolo picking, thumping, bass, and energetic drumming. Raw screams and growls create an extreme vocal sound that seems to take inspiration from classic black metal. Distant choirs and instrumentals fill in the background with a thrash-like fervor.

Inhuman vocals and a galloping tempo keep up a dynamic and exciting pace that keeps the song fresh and interesting. A technical bridge features intense vocals and heavy guitar riffage with bending screeches and drawn-out chords adding variety to the section. A gentle acoustic guitar is layered behind electric guitar, creating a depth-filled soundscape that slowly fades out the song into decaying string ambience. Fans of black metal, thrash, and death metal, will definitely enjoy Matouš Tomaškovič's music! You can stream "A Passage to the 5th Dimension" out everywhere now!

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