Song Review | "Max Pain" - The Banishment

Song Review | "Max Pain" - The Banishment
Spotify Cover: The Banishment

The Banishment released their debut album "Machine and Bone" in March and today we are listening to "Max Pain" off of the album. Max Pain starts with an electric chorus and with heavy-hitting guitar riffage. Suddenly, the song's atmosphere changes to a bass-heavy, dark sound that is reminiscent of the electronic atmosphere that bands like Nine Inch Nails utilize. The song uses multiple vocalists featuring Devix in the first verse and Richard Patrick in the second while the two singing together for the choruses.

After a powerful 3rd chorus "Max Pain" explodes into a technical yet chaos-filled guitar solo with screeching intentional sour notes creating a hectic yet atmospheric sound. The Banishment does an excellent job of mixing modern metal with electronic influences to create their own unique style of sound. Fans of bands like Nine Inch Nails, Korn, and alternative metal genres will highly enjoy "Max Pain" and the rest of "Machine and Bone".

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