Black Metal Artist Mrakomor releases new EP

Black Metal Artist Mrakomor releases new EP
Spotify Cover: Mrakomor 

Track List

  1. Intro (Ztracená Nadéje) (Lost Hope)
  2. Pomniky Nových Krás (Monuments of New Beauties)
  3. Morové Krásky (Plague Beauties)
  4. V Dekádách Dekadence (In Decades of Decadence)
  5. Outro (Nalezená Nadéje) (Hope Found)

Czech black metal musician Mrakomor started in the Czech underground music scene in 2006 before going silent for 13 years and eventually coming back in 2023 with their latest release "V Dekádách Dekadence" (Translating in English to "In Decades of Decadence").

With a runtime just short of 15 minutes, "In Decades of Decadence" fully encapsulates the slow and dramatic sound of dark and melancholy music. The intro track, "Lost Hope" contains a very soft and somber electric guitar tone with slight distortion. The guitar melody really builds a strong mood in listeners and transitions into the first full track, "Monuments of New Beauties" very well.

"Monuments of New Beauties" shows the raw, underground sound that Mrakomor keeps consistent throughout their EP. Distorted guitar chords fill in the background while high guitar notes add a sense of melody to the song. The vocals are layered underneath the instrumentals creating a mix between a scream and a whisper effect.

"Plague Beauties" continues the EP's sad tone with powerful distortion in the background and guitar runs overtop of it, to create a strong atmosphere. Coming in under 3 minutes "Plague Beauties" keeps it short yet sweet.

The title track of the EP, "In Decades of Decadence" is 4 minutes long and keeps the lo-fi effects continued along with the somber vibe of the EP so far. Partially through the song, a piano is introduced, adding even more to the ambience of the track.

The outro, "Hope Found" starts to bring in a happier, overcoming sound to the album, similar to a ray of sunshine on a rainy day. Mrakomor ends their debut EP with an uplifting note in a wholesome finale to an otherwise melancholy album. Fans of black metal and DSBM should definitely check out Mrakomor!

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