Nail Bite's Live Performance at Brewstock Fest Goes Viral

Nail Bite's Live Performance at Brewstock Fest Goes Viral
Nail Bite at Brewstock - Cover

Nail Bite, a band based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is consistently proving themselves to be one of the freshest and most exciting metal acts coming out of PA. The award-winning band from Lancaster has played massive performances at the biggest music festivals in the United States, such as Louder than Life Fest, Inkarceration, and Blue Ridge Rock Festival.

Last Saturday, (July 22nd, 2023) Nail Bite played their set at Brewstock Music Festival in North Carolina to a packed crowd. With infectious energy, fans were forming mosh pits, circle pits, walls of death, and even crowd surfing. The band later posted the live performance of their song "Disengage" to their Facebook which has already garnered over 400,000 views.

Nail Bite is a new metal band from Central PA that is changing up the music scene with their unique genre-blending sound and incredible live shows. The young band has already achieved an impressive resume and if you don't know about them you need to check them out!

We love to see rising talent in the rock and metal scenes and Nail Bite is a musical act that you won't want to miss. Their music mixes in genres like dubstep, 80s synth-wave, Indian folk music, swing, Mariachi, and more, focusing on including different cultures and genres in a unique modern metal setting. You can watch the Facebook video and music below!

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"Disengage" Live at Brewstock Posted byNail Bite on Tuesday, July 25th.

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