EP Review | "Necrotic Assimilation - Wrath of Logarius

Black Metal Band Wrath of Logarius has just released their 6-song EP, "Necrotic Assimilation". With a combination of speed, heaviness, and extreme vocals it is a great listen!

EP Review | "Necrotic Assimilation - Wrath of Logarius
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At The Nighted Throne (Intro) - 1:47

Swarm - 3:37

The Burning One - 4:03

I, The Void Dweller (transition track) - 1:19

Soul Ascension - 4:30

Beyond The Last Gate - 4:25

Genre: Black Metal


After an intro track filled with ominous ambience and dramatic strings, the eerie tone for the EP is set. Wrath of Logarius transitions into the first song of the EP, "Swarm" with lone growled vocals before the restof the band kicks in. A rapid tempo is instantly set with quick blast beats, double bass drums, and drum fills. Tremolo-picked guitar and high guitar melodies back up the extreme vocals and create a full sonic atmosphere. "Swarm" adds chugging intermittently to increase the intensity of certain parts of the song and make the song that much heavier.

The next song, "The Burning One", starts with distorted guitar and a talking sample before kicking into lightning-paced guitar and drum work. Wrath of Logarius creates a thrash style through left and right panning instrumentals, choppy drums, and obviously lots of speed. "The Burning One" fades into distorted background noise that leads to dark strings and choir effects that help the song build up and create anticipation at a slower tempo. When this transitions to chugging and gutturals this is made much more intense by the contrast of the two sections.

The transition track "I, The Void Dweller" uses distorted and reverbed piano layered on top of droning background noise to build tension. This leads into the 5th song, "Soul Ascension". This track starts much slower than any of the others so far, with a guitar intro that kicks into held-out guitar chords, controlled drumming, background piano, and droning effects building a strong atmosphere. The instrumentals get more energetic and then vocals kick in, making the song even more dynamic. With a heavy focus on the melodic instrumentals, a groovy yet still very heavy sound is made. The song bursts into a faster tempo and drumming before once again speeding up again into full thrash-style instrumentals. "Soul Ascension" goes into a great guitar solo that eventually slows down and ends the song.

The last track of the album, "Beyond The Last Gate" wastes no time at all, launching into impossibly fast tempo instrumentals with a drum fill. With tremolo picking and fast fry-screamed vocals, the energy is kept at a constant high level. The song breaks down into a tempo that is still pretty fast but creates a much more dramatic sound through the use of lower instrumentals and vocals. Wrath of Logarius transitions into chugging with a one-liner and features samples over the fast chugging and drums. This continues as the song gradually fades out in a satisfying end to the whole EP.

Overall "Necrotic Assimilation" is a great album and does an incredible job of creating and sticking to a specific tone. Fans of black metal, thrash, and deathcore will really enjoy Wrath of Logarius!

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