The Outlourdes - Media Kit

The Outlourdes - Media Kit
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The Outlourdes bring Sludge, Death Doom, and Crust ripping up from the Earth and into your ears. This brutal Boston-based trio forge an ungodly sound with a monstrous stage presence. Led by drummer/lead vocalist Deb Dire, the band has been producing music since 2018, with a new full-length album in the works for 2024. The band has released two full-length albums, 2021’s “You Are Not One of Us” and 2022’s “We Live Underground”, bringing a blend of Death Metal and groovy Sabbath-esque riffs.

Latest Work:

The upcoming 2024 full-length release further solidifies the band's deep Death Doom, Crust, and Sludge roots.  The album focuses on mankind’s self-destruction, dark local history, and the Earth’s impending doom.  Tapping deeper into their crust and sludge roots, this release is the foundation of the band's sound since their line-up shift in 2023.

The Outlourdes have created an impressive exhibition of releases that display the band's growth and diversity of heaviness. The band exudes variety, keeping the listener engaged and seeking more through a brutal expanse of vocals, evil riffs, and sludgy distortion. With such a diverse range of sound, The Outlourdes leaves fans excited about what direction the band could go in next.


Trouble, Brutal Truth, Autopsy, and Dystopia

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Deb Dire -Drums/Lead Vocals

Mike - Bass

Jamie - Guitar







Noise Floor:

“The Outlourdes‘ exuberant heaviness offered the most straight-up fun set of the night”

Nefarious Realm:

“Saturated in muck, spellbound by evil, and dripping with groove, The Outlourdes come lurking out of the swamp with their death metal-tinged sludge metal.”