Pagan River Madness: Band Overview

Pagan River Madness: Band Overview
Pagan River Madness: Article

Pagan River Madness was established in 2017 in Suffolk, Virginia. The 4 piece metal outfit consists of guitarist/vocalist Nelson, bassist/vocalist Atreyu, guitarist Cory, and drummer Ben.

The band released their debut album "New Southern Perspective" in October of 2021 and leaves listeners excited to see what the Virginians release next. The 10-track album shows a diverse range of influences from doom, classic rock/metal, stoner rock, and even elements from blues genres. With inspiration from bands like Black Sabbath and Protest The Hero, Pagan River Madness mixes a classic rock sound with modern metal and rock elements, creating a fresh take on the genres.

Having played with bands such as Cultus Black from Raleigh, North Carolina, Pagan River Madness has multiple upcoming shows in September, check out their Facebook to see the full list!

Throughout their album "New Southern Perspective" many of the band's songs have vastly different sounds, with songs like "Ab (A Flat)" having an 80s-90's rock/blues style and tracks like  "Nature Of The Beast" having sludgy, grunge styles that are more reminiscent of bands like Alice in Chains. Fans of classic rock and metal genres will definitely enjoy Pagan River Madness's melding of beloved genres.

With their second album in the works, Pagan River Madness leaves us in anticipation of what comes next for them. You can stream their current music everywhere now!

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