Song Review | "Paroxysme" - Hysterical Blindness

Song Review | "Paroxysme" - Hysterical Blindness
Spotify Cover: Hysterical Blindness

Hysterical Blindness released their latest single "Paroxysme" on June 29th. The 4-minute track starts with an explosion of extreme vocals and a rapid, thrashy pace. Hysterical Blindness displays a brutally aggressive sound through vocal screams, growls, and lightning-fast riffage. "Paroxysme" has an excellent contrast between low vocals and bright, melodic guitar riffs that bring color and energy to the track. Hysterical Blindness mixes genres like black metal, deathcore, and thrash.

Metal fans will enjoy Hysterical Blindness's fresh take on the black metal sound and their racing tempo with modern music production. Technical guitar tapping and riffs add a powerful completion to the band's sound and at points have an almost prog-esque sound.  "Paroxysme" takes the classic black metal sound and blends in elements of other popular metal genres such as deathcore and metalcore to form a completely fresh take on black metal. You can stream "Paroxysme" and Hysterical Blindness's other music now!

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