Song Review | "Pt. 8 Nevergaze" - Where The Children Play

Song Review | "Pt. 8 Nevergaze" - Where The Children Play
Spotify Cover: Where The Children Play

Signed to Face Ripper Records, Where The Children Play released their latest single "Pt. 8 Nevergaze" on October 17th. The blackened death metal band starts off with a melancholy piano melody and builds, ambient strings in the background before exploding into aggressive guitar chugging and double bass drumming. Where The Children Play sets a powerful atmosphere filled with heavy-hitting death metal instrumentals and yet the song's brutality is contrasted with melodic piano and orchestral elements. Extreme screaming vocals have a distant and raw sound yet remain mixed prominently. "Nevergaze" displays a soundscape brimming with layering, creating a truly satisfying ambience that is filled with complex instrumentalism.

The nearly 5-minute track, slows down into just piano and strings, as the vocals are slowly added a drum and guitar buildup launches the listener into an intense breakdown, filled with dissonance and an epic orchestra. With "Nevergaze" Where The Children Play has created a unique blend of extreme metal genres and classical composure. Fans of death metal, black metal, and melodic metal genres will highly enjoy Where The Children Play's music. You can stream "Pt. 8 Nevergaze" everywhere now!

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