Rattlesnake Pasta Releases Debut Self-titled Album

Rattlesnake Pasta Releases Debut Self-titled Album
Spotify Cover: Rattlesnake Pasta

Track List

  1. Rattlesnake Pasta
  2. The Ballad Of Mr. Nilioc
  3. More Dead Cats
  4. Land Of The Free (Terms and Conditions Apply)
  5. The Go Down
  6. Toy Gun
  7. Emporium Of Multicolored Penguins
  8. Pasta Is Served
  9. The Great Cheese Wrangler Of The Wild West


On August 19th, Rattlesnake Pasta released their first album, "Rattlesnake Pasta". The funk metal/prog trio hails from Louisville, Kentucky, and unleashed their debut 9-track album upon the world filled with 46 minutes of groovy funk.

The title track "Rattlesnake Pasta" shows the first introduction to the band, starting off with an energetic drum buildup and ominous guitar that transitions into Primus-reminiscent bass riffage. At the forefront of the music is bass with a lot of personality, creating a powerful instrumental groove that is backed up by guitar riffs and jazz-type drum beats. The 4-minute track takes the listener on a journey into funky town and leaves you wanting more.

Next up is "The Ballad Of Mr. Nilioc" which clocks in at just under 5 minutes. The song starts off with a bass line that would bring a smile to Flea's face (Red Hot Chilli Peppers).  We get our first taste of vocals around 2-minutes into the track with some unorthodox talk/singing that matches the eccentric style of Rattlesnake Pasta's music. After a break, the song transforms into a melodic funk guitar melody that again transforms into a gentle jazz/blues type guitar melody and jazz drumming. The shift in the vibe of the song is sudden and unexpected and brings a unique and fun flavor to the end of the track.

"More Dead Cats" starts with a drum beat and an energetic guitar and bass riff that changes into hectic pacing that soon slows down and adds distorted guitar and more unique vocals. Bending bass and guitar finger tapping creates a rapid and almost frantic feeling that makes a dramatic contrast when it is taken away and slows down. A soaring, technical guitar solo closes out the song.

"Land Of The Free (Terms and Conditions Apply) is track number 4 and starts with scared-sounding vocals and instills a paranoid mood in the listener. The song shifts in energy between fast-paced and slow, fearful-sounding sections, forming an exciting sound that leaves you wondering what will happen next in the song.

"The Go Down" comes in at track number 5 and begins with a classy jazz/lofi sound filled with electric piano runs and melodies. Electric guitar soon layers over the piano, keeping the jazz sound intact, but in a more energetic fashion. The song grows in intensity and speed, creating a fun and interesting jazz interlude for the album.

"Toy Gun" brings back the eccentric bass and vocal pair, which creates a strong atmosphere. The 5-minute track displays an almost psychedelic vibe, with instrumentals working together to create a truly powerful mood.

Track 7, "Emporium Of Multicolored Penguins" is just over 8 minutes. The song starts with distant drumming and trippy instrumentals. With multiple vocal tracks singing at the same time, Rattlesnake Pasta creates an ethereal feeling. Guitar shredding takes the lead as the other instrumentals fill in the background of the atmosphere. Later in the track vocals return, this time with many more vocals singing together, creating an even more dreamy sound than before. "Emporium of Multicolored Penguins" really takes the listener to another world, in an 8-minute psychedelic journey.

"Pasta Is Served" starts by saying "We didn't harm any rattlesnakes in the cooking of this dish" making us wonder, what is rattlesnake pasta made of then? The band's humor and personality shine throughout the album with eccentric song titles and unique talking samples. "Pasta Is Served" is dominated by bass and is brimming with powerful bass lines.

The final track of the album, "The Great Cheese Wrangler Of The Wild West" does not disappoint. The song starts with an immediate wild western sound filled with the eccentricity of Rattlesnake Pasta's music and with the psychedelic feel from some of their earlier songs. The cheese-themed wild western storytelling song is filled with humor and wonderful ridiculousness. Fans of psychedelic music and bands with bass-heavy music like Primus and Red Hot Chilli Peppers, will love Rattlesnake Pasta. You can check out their debut album now!

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