Song Review | "Reignite The Spark" - Dynamorphic

Song Review | "Reignite The Spark"  - Dynamorphic
Dyamorphic Cover Art

Dynamorphic, a solo project from Austin, Texas, released their latest track "Reignite The Spark" on November 8th. The 3-and-a-half-minute song starts with ethereal synth runs that quickly introduce blast beats and aggressive yet bright guitar riffage. "Reignite The Spark" bursts into a dynamic melodic metal sound that uses powerful singing and vocal harmonies to create a full atmosphere in combination with the song's energetic instrumentation. Dynamorphic's polished mix creates a refined sound that displays the band's well-crafted melodies and hooks.

"Reignite The Spark" has a brilliant chorus with multiple vocal layers creating strong harmonies, while piano and orchestral elements create a complete ambiance behind the vocals and main instrumentals. Dynamorphic has created a track that fans of metalcore and melodic/alternative metal will not be able to turn down! The song's short yet catchy structure leaves you reaching for the repeat button. You can listen to "Reignite The Spark" on YouTube now!

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