Single Review | Reincarnate By Fortuneteller

Single Review | Reincarnate By Fortuneteller
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Fortuneteller's 2022 single "Reincarnate" is a unique song that mixes genres such as rock, psychedelic music, and some parts that remind me of a lofi reminiscent sound. Fortuneteller features bright guitar, spoken/sung female vocals, and some brass instruments with lots of reverb that add to the ambiance of the song and help create a very specific vibe. "Reincarnate" has an incredibly full atmosphere that evolves throughout the track and takes you through an auditory journey. With lots of genre-bending and mixing, Fortuneteller really creates their own concoction of music that is enjoyable to listen to. I feel like this song would be perfect for a movie adventure montage, with a dynamic and energetic sound that gives you a sense of freedom and happiness. Fans of psychedelic rock bands such as Pink Floyd will really enjoy how Fortuneteller has made the genre their own! Check them out.

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