Song Review | "Reminisce" - Within Ophir

Song Review | "Reminisce" - Within Ophir
Spotify Cover: Within Ophir

West Texas Metalcore Band, Within Ophir has their newest song, "Reminisce" out now. The 4-and-a-half-minute track starts with a distant piano/guitar intro that explodes into high guitar melodies, bass-heavy chugging, and screaming vocals. The heavy instrumentals and vocals and highlighted by bright, high guitar runs. "Reminisce" blends in softer, singing that brings an added sense of melody to the intently heavy song.

Within Ophir adds an intense breakdown that leads into a slow, acoustic bridge with lots of reverb, which goes to create a powerful and ambient atmosphere. The bridge transitions to brighter instrumentals and catchy clean vocals. Chugging and screaming is slowly reintroduced behind the clean vocals, adding more variation to the song and creating a full and well-developed sound. "Reminisce" is a well-executed blend of deathcore, metalcore, and even progressive metal.

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