S.K.Y. KEYS - Plugin Review

S.K.Y Keys is a superb collection of sounds that especially appeals to Lofi, Ambient, and Electronic Beat Producers.

S.K.Y.  KEYS - Plugin Review
S.K.Y Keys Plugin Review

S.K.Y Studio's - S.K.Y Keys

Available for Mac/PC | VST3, AU, AAX | $39

S.K.Y. Keys UI

The Metalverse Rating

S.K.Y Keys is a superb collection of sounds that especially appeals to Lofi, Ambient, and Electronic Beat Producers.

+Pros: Affordable Price | Over 200 Sounds | Drag & Drop Your Own One-shots/Samples | Excellent Effects & Sound Editing Tools

-Cons: Larger Download Size (4.1GB)

$39 at S.K.Y Studios

What is S.K.Y Keys?

S.K.Y Keys is a new plugin from S.K.Y Studios. Packed with over 200 different synths, pads, keys, and more, it is an excellent bundle of virtual instrument tones with incredible bang for your buck at only $39.

S.K.Y Studios is a fresh plugin creator and with their debut program, S.K.Y Keys, they display an excellent bank of sound presets that are fully customizable, allowing limitless sound combinations.

S.K.Y Keys Features

S.K.Y. Keys packs in a lot of awesome features in a compact and easy-to-use user interface.


With a diverse range of effects like saturation, reverb, filter, vibrato, tone shifting, and the ability to reverse any sample/preset, the user has an incredible amount of customization and control over how they want the plugin to sound.

General Settings:

In addition to the effects, S.K.Y Keys features looping, glide control, a stereo doubler, humanizing, and panning.

Drag & Drop

One of our absolute favorite functions of S.K.Y Keys is its Drag & Drop feature. You can drop any sample, or one-shot directly into S.K.Y Keys and the plugin will automatically detect the key of the sample and also map it in different pitches to your keyboard! In addition to this, you can then use all of the other effects and settings on your sample to change it up.

What Makes S.K.Y Keys Great?

S.K.Y Studios plugin acts as an incredible workstation of keyboard tones that will inspire your creative flow and also can be used as an excellent sample editor and make mapping one-shots to a keyboard a much quicker and easier task.

S.K.Y Keys is an unexpectedly versatile plugin with more features than meets the eye and for a fraction of the price of other similar VST's, we certainly recommend checking it out.

Who Does S.K.Y Keys Appeal To?

If you are a music producer looking for synth and piano tones to spice up lofi, electronica, and beats, or if you are looking for more ambient tones to fill in your song's atmosphere, S.K.Y Keys is your one-stop shop.

Even if are a producer just looking for a versatile sample editor, this plugin will have a lot of useful features, and the keyboard tones are a great bonus! At the price of $39, S.K.Y Keys provides an amazing amount of sounds, features, and effects that are well-suited for beginners and professionals alike.

S.K.Y Keys In Action:

Check out the demo video of S.K.Y Keys to see if the sounds are for you! Some of our favorite tones were Analog Brass, Atomic Saw, Hidden Whistle, and many more.

S.K.Y Keys Demo

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