Song Review | "Safe Words" - The Big Laird Band

Song Review | "Safe Words" - The Big Laird Band
Spotify Cover: The Big Laird Band

Hard rock from Baltimore, The Big Laird Band released their 2nd single on September 30th. "Safe Words" starts with bright guitar chords and gentle singing before kicking in with dynamic electric guitar riffage and energy-filled drumming. The Big Laird Band showcases a sound that mixes a nostalgic classic rock sound mixed with a modern hard rock flair. The song's anthemic chorus features an incredibly catchy hook with melodic chords and distant background vocals filling in the soundscape, creating a satisfyingly full atmosphere.

After the 2nd chorus, "Safe Words" launches into a technical, shredding guitar solo before ending with a final, emotionally charged chorus that ends with the same bright guitar featured in the intro of the song. The Big Laird Band creates a short 3-minute track that leaves the listener wanting more, bound to put the song on repeat. Fans of classic rock, hard rock and alternative metal/rock will highly enjoy The Big Laird Band's refined melodic rock sound. You can stream "Safe Words" out now!

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