Song Review | "Scrape" - A Moment Of Violence

South Florida Metalcore band A Moment of Violence is back with their 2nd single "Scrape", mixing melody and heavy metal.

Song Review | "Scrape" - A Moment Of Violence
Spotify: A Moment Of Violence

A Moment Of Violence debuted their first song ever in January and their second single, "Scrape" is out now! The South Florida metalcore band uses an overall bright and happy instrumental feel during the song that is contrasted when growling and screamed vocals are used along with the chugging guitar.

"Scrape" has a melodic chorus that is sung with bright chords layered on top of it, creating a catchy and memorable sound. The uplifting feeling of the lighter parts of the song makes the swap to heavy parts much more dramatic and intense. A Moment Of Violence creates a classic metalcore sound mixed with their own modern flair.

The music has an almost nostalgic feeling to it and really does a great job of creating a specific atmosphere. "Scrape" is a wonderful mix of melody and a strong hook with heavy vocals and instrumentals. Fans of hard rock and metalcore will definitely enjoy A Moment Of Violence! Check them out!

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