Song Review | "Seasons Change" - The Pulltops

Song Review | "Seasons Change" - The Pulltops
Spotify Cover: The Pulltops - Seasons Change

Milwaukee rock outfit The Pulltops just released their latest single, "Seasons Change". The song has a slower and sad feel to it that uses a style reminiscent of 90s rock. "Seasons Change" starts with a dark and melancholy guitar tone and light singing that bursts into a powerful chorus with emotional singing, and stronger guitar chords and leadwork. With alternating vocalists, the song keeps a sense of freshness and adds differentiation.

In the style of classic rock, The Pulltops create a wonderful song that does a great job of creating a mood and sticking to it. One of our favorite parts of the song is the passionate chorus and the guitar solo that really go to create an atmosphere. You can listen to "Seasons Change" now!

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