Song Review | "Secrets" - No Honor Among Thieves

Song Review | "Secrets" - No Honor Among Thieves
Spotify Cover: No Honor Among Thieves

No Honor Among Thieves released their latest track "Secrets" on September 22nd. The song starts with a high lead guitar that introduces guitar/bass chugging and low riffs harmonizing with bright guitar runs. Raspy and emotion-filled screaming joins in along with rapid double bass drumming to create a well-constructed atmosphere. In a sudden hardcore-styled breakdown, bass-heavy chugging kicks in in half tempo creating an intense and brutal change in dynamics.

No Honor Among Thieves does an excellent job of creating a sound that mixes punk, metalcore, and hardcore influences to create a song that blends melody, bright instrumentals, screaming, and metal/hardcore grooves and breakdowns. The 4-minute track displays No Honor Among Thieves vast array of inspiration and finishes in a particularly ferocious breakdown that ends the song in a powerful energy shift. Fans of metalcore, hardcore, metal, and punk will enjoy No Honor Among Thieves raw and brutal sound. You can stream "Secrets" everywhere now!

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