Album Review | "Serendisarray" - Mycena

Album Review | "Serendisarray" - Mycena


  1. Lacrima Futurum
  2. Conundrum
  3. Erato
  4. Triangulus
  5. Equilibrium
  6. Apatheia
  7. Angulimala


Croatian instrumental cult, Mycena, just released their latest 7-track conceptual album "Serendisarray" on April 4th. The album introduces itself with the intro song “Lacrima Futurism” celestial synths that is joined by dark and ominous guitar and building drums. Distant high guitar distortion works alongside rhythm instrumentals to create a deeply full scope of sound. With reverbed raw screams reminiscent of black metal, Mycena quickly establishes a psychedelic and groove-based sound. Clocking in at just under 6 minutes, “Lacrima Futurism” develops a technical and highly-experimental instrumental sound that utilizes occasional extreme vocals to add variety to the intricate musical atmospheres.

The second track “Conondrum” begins with gentle guitar melodies that are soon accompanied by thumping bass riffage and electrifying drum work. With steady pacing and expertly layered instrumentals, Mycena uses masterful instrumental compositions that create an exciting and dynamic sound. “Conundrum” has a runtime of nearly 10 minutes and takes the listener on a sonic journey through distorted soundscapes filled with a psychedelic atmosphere.

“Erato” starts with a lofi, cassette tape ambience that establishes an eerie atmosphere before transitioning into clean guitar and bass tones that create layers of melody. A hectic yet refined sound creates an intense scope of sound that keeps Mycena’s album interesting and unique. “Erato” utilizes elements of Jazz with a bright saxophone solo adding variety and a brand new tone to the album.

The 4th song “Triangulum” starts off with a deep bass tone that joins technical instrumentals and melodic guitar runs filling in the higher parts of the atmosphere. Mycena utilizes bending notes, dissonance and heavy-distortion to create an experimental and very unique sound across their musical work. Scratchy synth tones soar across the mix adding more diverse elements to the album. Mycena does an excellent job of spacing out when vocals are introduced into songs, creating a strong sense of contrast and well-balanced elements throughout the course of the album.

“Equilibrium” starts with dissonant melodies and sliding notes creating a funky and unconventional instrumental sound that cuts introduces ambient pads and heavily distorted vocals. With an underwater effect on screaming and talking vocals, Mycena creates an experimental and deeply unique sound with “Equilibrium”. Shredding instrumental solos and distant guitar and bass create intricate layering of sounds that forms a powerful soundscape. The song ends with distorted screaming and a heavier section that emphasizes chunky bass riffage.

The 6th song of the album, “Apatheia” starts with a distorted and haunting sample of children laughing that fades into aggressive bass and funky saxophone melodies, bringing back the jazz influences from earlier in the LP. Piercing saxophone notes launch their way to the forefront of the mix, developing a psychedelic and unique sound.

The final song “Angulima” starts off with rapid acoustic guitar strumming and brass that reminded us of a Mexican mariachi sound. The 2-minute instrumental outro slowly grows in volume before gradually growing more distorted as it fades into nothing. Mycena ends the LP with a new influence and sound, finishing off the 7 song album in an epic finale.

Fans of psychedelic music, black metal, stoner metal, and instrumental music will definitely enjoy Mycena’s distinct sound! You can stream “Serendisarray” out everywhere now!

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