Song Review | "Serpent of Light" - Betting On The End

Song Review | "Serpent of Light" - Betting On The End
Spotify Cover: Betting On The End

Phoenix, Arizona-based Emo band "Betting On The End" released their 2nd single on May 4th. "Serpent of Light" starts with a bright, melodic instrumental intro with multiple guitars harmonizing. Singing vocals soon kick in and accentuate the energetic and dynamic instrumental sound. Betting On The End uses a classic Emo/metalcore vocal style that is very nostalgic and mixes it with modern progressive and technical instrumentals.

"Serpent of Light" comes in at just over 6 minutes of runtime and keeps listeners' attention with vocals that vary from gentle singing to powerful sing/screaming. About halfway through the song the guitars change tone and distortion is added, changing the overall mood of the song and adding even more energy. The transition between the distorted guitar back to the clean, melodic guitar makes a strong contrast that is sonically pleasing. Fans of metalcore, emo, and progressive rock/metal will love Betting On The End. You can stream "Serpent of Light" now!

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