Song Review | "I Walk Alone" - Skyliner

Song Review | "I Walk Alone" - Skyliner
Skyliner: Spotify Cover

Hailing from Florida, Skyliner starts off "I Walk Alone" with melancholy acoustic guitar and reverbed singing vocals. With mellow and clean instrumentals, Skyliner places emphasis on emotional and powerful singing before fading into silence. After a dramatic pause, "I Walk Alone" launches into energetic drumming and heavy-hitting electric guitar. Bright bass tones back up dramatic guitar chugs, with powerful grunted vocals that transition into classic/power metal-inspired belting vocals. Clocking in at just over 8 minutes, "I Walk Alone" takes the listener on a musical journey through interesting soundscapes, featuring catchy vocal melodies, electrifying instrumentals, and a dynamic style.

Skyliner does an excellent job of creating a unique blend of rock, classic metal, and power metal in a way that brings nostalgia yet also displays a modern and distinct sound. Fading out with ringing guitar and singing, the track ends in an epic finale. You can stream "I Walk Alone" off of Skyliner's 2021 album "Dark Rivers, White Thunder" now!

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