Song Review | "Abandoning Mother" - Stillbeing

Song Review | "Abandoning Mother" - Stillbeing
Album Cover: World Builder

Stillbeing is set to release their debut album "World Builder" on July 7th, but the first single off the album, "Abandoning Mother" is available now! The nearly 11-minute song starts with a 2-minute ominous and very atmospheric instrumental intro. Dramatic synths and powerful guitar tones alongside orchestral sounds create a strong mood to start off the song. Eventually, screaming and growled vocals join in with the instrumentals, creating an even fuller sound. Stillbeing mixes ambient space music with death metal and progressive genres in a very unique method.

"Abandoning Mother" is a brutal track with excellent production value. There are so many ambient background noises and effects that work together with harsh melodies to create a truly captivating sound. The djenty chugging is almost Meshuggah-reminiscent but with so many other genres blended in to make the style sound so fresh. Fans of death metal, progressive genres, and ambient instrumental music will definitely enjoy Stillbeing.

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