Song Review | “Limbo” - Farsight

Song Review | “Limbo” - Farsight
Farsight - Spotify Cover

Farsight, a metalcore act hailing from Long Island, just released their newest single "Limbo". The song starts off with a building electronic beat that quickly explodes into down-tuned guitar destruction, violent screams, and high instrumental distortion, creating a full and masterfully balanced scope of sound. Technical instrumental riffage is displayed alongside dynamic guitar chords and brutally heavy extreme vocals. With an upbeat and racing tempo, "Limbo" keeps an exciting and energetic feel that keeps the song varied and wildly interesting throughout its 3-minute runtime.

The song's fast pacing makes the contrast in the breakdown stand out from the rest of the song, with double bass drumming, volatile chugging, and thumping bass creating a fierce display of extreme metal. Farsight uses juxtaposition expertly in their music - mixing melody and destruction and fast/slow tempos to create diversity and exciting change throughout their music. Fans of deathcore, metalcore, hardcore, and all extreme metal genres will definitely enjoy Farsight's impressive discography! You can stream "Limbo" out everywhere now!

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