Song Review | "Nightmare" - Swamp Church

Song Review | "Nightmare" - Swamp Church
Spotify Cover: Swamp Church

Brand new metal band Swamp Church just released their debut track "Nightmare" on April 14th. The 4-and-a-half minute song starts with high distorted guitar melodies that lead into extreme vocals such as growling, fry screams, and even gutturals. With heavy hitting guitar riffs, low-end chugging, and explosive drums an intensely heavy atmosphere is created underneath the powerful metal vocals.

Swamp Church has a raw and brutal sound that may remind the listener of death metal mixed with vocal styles and chugging that is more characteristic of extreme metal genres such as hardcore and deathcore. "Nightmare" leads into a bass line that throws the listener into the middle of a breakdown with bass-boosted chugging, ferocious vocals, and occasional high distorted guitar melodies and sweep picking. Swamp Church shows a promising and wildy heavy debut that entices listeners to keep an eye out for new music. You can stream "Nightmare" now!

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