Song Review - "The Wonderer" - Memory of an Empire

Song Review - "The Wonderer" - Memory of an Empire
Memory of an Empire - Cover Art

Reigning from Albuquerque, New Mexico metalcore outfit Memory of an Empire's new track "The Wonderer" will be out on May 29th. The song starts with high guitar leads that fade into the mix before being joined by violent drop-tuned guitar chugging and clashing cymbals. Suddenly harsh vocals that feature growling and screaming jump into the soundscape, quickly establishing a brutally intense extreme metal sound. Distant guitar leads add a layer of melody behind the aggressively heavy instrumentals and vocals.

Blending death metal, deathcore, and metalcore, Memory of an Empire utilizes a popping snare tone that creates impactful and dramatic moments that fans of hardcore will certainly enjoy. "The Wonderer" takes the listener on a beautifully destructive journey full of blast beats, down-tempo breakdowns, and earth-shattering riffage. Balancing melodic elements with ferocious metal, Memory of an Empire creates lethal instrumentals and vocals that are contrasted by touches of melody. Fans of all extreme heavy metal genres will enjoy Memory of an Empire's explosively brutal sound. You can stream the 2-track release "The Wonderer" out on all streaming platforms, on May 29th.

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