Song Review | Voyager By The Polymer Motive

Song Review | Voyager By                             The Polymer Motive

Off of their debut album “Voyager” today we will be taking a look at The Polymer Motive’s song “Labyrinth”.

The Polymer Motive has a distinct sound that seems to mix the styles of djent, progressive metal/rock and math rock. With an emphasis on the bright and energetic lead guitar intricacies, the song has thumping bass adding a full atmosphere to the sound. With a slamming kick from the drums, extra strength is added to the sound of the guitar. This song is all instrumental but still manages to fully keep your attention and shows the skill of all of the musicians involved. The light reverb and occasional electronic sounds really add a unique sound to the song and keep the same feeling throughout the track. Fans of bands like Polyphia and Animals as Leaders will really enjoy The Polymer Motive!

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