Songs With Brutal Breakdowns And What Makes Them So Good!

Songs With Brutal Breakdowns And What Makes Them So Good!
Photo by Tim Toomey / Unsplash

Breakdowns are everywhere in hardcore metal music now and it's hard to find a metal fan that doesn't love a well-crafted breakdown. Here is a list of some of our favorite breakdowns and what makes them so great!


Song: Wastage - To The Grave

Genre: Deathcore/Hardcore Metal

Time Stamp: 2:50

To The Grave is a relentless band that is essentially as hardcore metal as you can get. Their rapid-paced songs contain extreme vocals such as gutturals and fry screams. These fast-tempo parts contrast the eventual intense breakdowns, such as the one in "Wastage". This breakdown features ominous and evil-sounding ambient noise that leads into insane vocals, double bass drum beats, chugging, and high-pitched guitar dissonance that finishes the song with a more than memorable ending.

Youtube: Brand of Sacrifice

Song: Eclipse - Brand of Sacrifice

Genre: Deathcore

Time Stamp: 1:52

Brand of Sacrifice is a band that indulges in a lot of studio production which results in a very full sound with lots of ethnic effects, choirs, and more. "Eclipse" much like many of their songs, is a powerful track filled with breakdowns. The ending breakdown of "Eclipse" is filled with choir samples, and what sounds like a mix between a banjo and a sitar. This combination creates a mix between a catchy melody and a head-banging breakdown that is really enjoyable.

Youtube: Black Tongue

Song: Second Death - Black Tounge

Genre: Deathcore/Down Tempo

Time Stamp: 3:21

"Second Death" is heavy from the start, with drop-tuned instrumentals, screaming, and growling. With blast beats mixing up the tempo to add variation to the song, the entire song is leading you toward a crushing finale. The last 45 seconds of the track is an incredibly strong breakdown filled with haunting vocals in the background and devastating reverb-filled chugging, the breakdown even cuts its tempo in half again in a fully satisfying way.

Youtube: Infant Inhalator

Song: Unholy Gravebirth - Infant Annihilator

Genre: Deathcore/Technical Death Metal

Time Stamp: 3:29

Infant Annihilator is renowned for their extremely technical instruments, raw and skilled vocal styles, and disturbing and sarcastic lyrics made for the shock factor. "Unholy Gravebirth" begins with an unexpected and very unique intro that features crying and snarling/squealing that is hard to believe came from a human. The song is filled with sweep-picked guitar, and impossibly difficult drumming as well as basically every extreme vocal style imaginable. An epic guitar solo leads into a series of breakdowns that include rapid screamed vocals, drums that accentuate the rest of the music, and even pig squeals. If you are a fan of extreme metal subgenres, this is a song you need to check out!


Song: Reign of Darkness - Thy Art is Murder

Genre: Deathcore

Time Stamp: 3:00

"Reign of Darkness" keeps the energy at its peak throughout the entirety of the song. With heavy-hitting riffs, explosive drum work, and scream/growled vocals, Thy Art is Murder delivers their signature brand of deathcore. "Reign of Darkness" builds up anticipation with a fast and memorable guitar solo before blasting into an unforgettable breakdown. The ingenuity of this particular breakdown comes from the lack of vocals and how that space is filled with fierce drum fills. This is a really creative and heavy breakdown that any metal fan will love.

Song: Death Whistle - Signs of the Swarm

Genre: Down Tempo/Deathcore

Time Stamp: 4:50

Finally, for all of you breakdown fanatics out there, here is a band that has unrelenting songs filled with multiple breakdowns. Signs of the Swarm feature slow tempos, brutal instrumentals, and a ton of vocal techniques. If you want to listen to some of the heaviest music possible that has minutes of intense breakdowns, this is a band you won't want to miss out on!

Leave your favorite breakdowns in the comments below!

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