Song Review | "Strong - Radio Mix" - Baldrock

Song Review | "Strong - Radio Mix" - Baldrock
Spotify Cover: Baldrock

One-man project Baldrock collaborated with co-producer Mike.P to create "Strong" a punk/alternative rock and metal track that is bursting with energy. Baldrock uses a bright instrumental sound with powerful guitar, dynamic drum work, and talented vocals. "Strong" does an excellent job of filling in the atmosphere with a sound that is brimming with emotion.

Baldrock mixes rock and metal instrumental techniques such as pinch harmonics and bending notes with energetic pop-punk chords and vocal melodies that create a distinct and catchy blend of sound. Coming in at 4:40, "Strong" is filled with change that keeps the song varied and fresh from start to finish. As a solo artist, Baldrock shows songwriting talent alongside technical instrumentals and excellent vocals to create a well-rounded song. You can stream "Strong" and its accompanying acoustic version now!

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