Song Review | “Swamp Stomp” - Fleshgate

Song Review | “Swamp Stomp” - Fleshgate
Fleshgate - Spotify Cover

Reigning from South Carolia, Fleshgate is a 4-piece brutal death metal act. The band released their 5-song EP, "Violent Nature" on April 15th. The final track of the EP, "Swamp Stomp" starts off with swamp ambience before bursting into down-tuned guitar destruction, slamming drums and explosive growls. Fleshgate unleashes an intense death metal sound that draws influence from hardcore and sludge genres to form a brutally heavy and impactful sound.

Extreme metal fans will love "Swamp Stomp" and its chaotic yet refined sound. Raw drum tones create dramatic and crushing breakdowns alongside deep gutturals and heavy-hitting guitar riffage. With gore imagery and inhuman vocals, Fleshgate creates a slamming, groove-based sound that pushes the limits of extreme metal. Alongside a talking sample, Fleshgate transitions into technical, progressive drumming before launching back into a nasty breakdown. Fleshgate utilizes contrast excellently to create more dramatic sections in their music while keeping a dynamic and consistent rhythm. Fans of death metal, sludge, goregrind, and extreme metal genres will certainly enjoy Fleshgate's intensely heavy sound. You can stream the bands EP "Violent Nature" out now!

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