Song Review | "Take Me Home" - Bootleggers and Baptists

Song Review | "Take Me Home" - Bootleggers and Baptists
Spotify Cover: Bootleggers and Baptists

Hailing from Maryland, Bootleggers and Baptists just released their latest track, "Take Me Home" on September 1st! The song comes in just under 4 minutes and has an infectious energy throughout its duration. Bootleggers and Baptists capture an old-school mix of classic rock, funk, and blues in a refreshing yet nostalgic sound. "Take Me Home" is bursting with a dynamic rock 'n' roll style that is Bootleggers and Baptists signature sound.

Bright guitar riffs add intricacy and melody over rapid chords and chugging. Racing drum beats and screaming/singing vocals work together to create a full and appealing atmosphere. Music fans will enjoy the passion that Bootleggers and Baptists put into their work, you can tell from the emotion in the vocals and instrumentals that the band truly enjoys what they are creating. Listeners of rock, alternative metal, and classic genres like blues, funk, and folk will love "Take Me Home"! You can rock out to Bootleggers and Baptists latest song now!

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