Song Review | The Alpha One By TITVN

Looking for a new band to listen to? TITVN is an unsigned band mixing the sounds of classic heavy metal with deathcore and metalcore.

Song Review | The Alpha One By TITVN
Spotify: TITVN

Sacramento, California band "TITVN"  just released their latest single, "The Alpha One". The 3-piece deathcore/metalcore outfit creates a sound that's speed and aggression is reminiscent of a modern deathcore Slipknot. TITVN mixes lightning-paced instrumentals and drums with harshly screamed and growled vocals, electronic elements, and dramatic bass drops. About halfway through the track, there is a violent breakdown that is bursting with energy. "The Alpha One" leads back into the faster tempo style from earlier in the song before exploding into another breakdown with a nasty blegh that finishes the song on an incredibly heavy note. TITVN is a very well-produced band that creates music that mixes the classic heavy metal we all know and love with modern deathcore and metalcore. Fans of Slipknot, Lamb of God, and Fit For a King will really enjoy this band!

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