The Best Metal Blogs in 2024

With so many sources of metal news and countless blogs dedicated to metal music, here's our list of the most popular, most unique, and overall best metal blogs in 2024.

The Best Metal Blogs in 2024
The Best Metal Blogs In 2024 - Cover

With so many sources of metal news and countless blogs dedicated to metal music, here's our list of the most popular, most unique, and overall best metal blogs in 2024.

Here's Our List of The Best Metal Blogs in 2024

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Invisible Oranges - Since 2006

Invisible Oranges takes its name from the "clutching gesture you make when the mighty force of metal flows through you" (as stated by the website itself). One of the most niched-down blogs on our list, Invisible Oranges mostly focuses on featuring less-known death metal and black metal bands, while occasionally featuring bigger names as well.

Invisible Oranges shares new/upcoming music release articles multiple times a month and is an excellent source for discovering new music in extreme metal genres.

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Heavy Blog is Heavy - Since 2009

Another go-to site for discovering new metal bands is Heavy Blog Is Heavy. This blog is centered around underground metal with release day roundups, music world premieres, and columns dedicated to the best releases in multiple genres of metal music. Heavy Blog Is Heavy is a wonderful home place to discover new bands, no matter your favorite metal genre.

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Angry Metal Guy - Since 2009

Dedicated to brutally honest music reviews, Angry Metal Guy holds nothing back and has a vast collection of years' worth of metal reviews. With comedic undertones, Angry Metal Guy is one of the most unique metal blogs that is out there to date and features some awesome content like a button that gives you a random song review or their record of the month/year posts.

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The Metalverse - Since 2021

We couldn't help but throw ourselves in here for a little shameless self-promotion. The Metalverse started in 2021 and is one of the quickest-growing metal blogs! We focus mostly on reviewing underground rock and metal acts - but we also cover national acts and write articles that help bands find success in today's music scene.

Brave Words - Since 2000

If you are looking to stay up-to-date with all the latest happenings in metal, Brave Words posts dozens of articles every day and is a great source of all things rock & metal. Brave Words started in 2000 and branched off from their then-magazine Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles which began in 1994. With 3 decades in the metal scene, Brave Words is one of the longest-running sources of news in the business.

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The PRP - 1999

All handled by 1 owner/writer, The PRP posts multiple articles every hour throughout the day, which becomes incredibly impressive when you realize one writer is taking care of all aspects of the website. The PRP is another classic metal site that has been reliably reporting rock and metal-based news for decades.

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CVLT Nation - 2011

Starting as a clothing line based on punk/metal aesthetics. CVLT Nation is now a blog and lifestyle website that features lots of music genres like EDM, punk, extreme metal, black metal, and more. In addition to music, CVLT Nation also features things like movies, clothing, art, and more, all with an early punk and metal aesthetic.

There is a ton to dive into at CVLT Nation as the website covers a lot of ground, if you haven't heard of it before it's definitely worth checking out.

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Lambgoat - 1999

Lambgoat covers all things heavy from hardcore, to heavy metal, to deathcore. Starting in 1999 as an underground metal review site, Lambgoat has evolved over the 25 years since its inception to cover mostly metal industry news, with a focus on the more extreme side of metal music.

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RockFeed - 2018

If reading through websites isn't your jam, RockFeed takes a different approach to metal news journalism. RockFeed is primarily YouTube-based with videos ranging from podcasts, to interviews with rock/metal stars, and news. If you prefer video formats, RockFeed is one of the best sources of rock and metal news currently.

Decibel - 2004

Decibel has been covering metal music with their monthly magazines for over 20 years now. Focusing on everything extreme, Decibel is still continuing its monthly printed magazines while also hosting a massive blog that features world premieres, music reviews, and metal news.

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Blabbermouth - 2001

One of the largest metal sites with over a million users every month, Blabbermouth is one of the most known media outlets that reports on current metal news. They feature interviews with big names as well as occasionally reviewing underground metal music.

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MetalSucks - 2006

Nearing its 2nd decade, Metal Sucks is a giant in the metal news scene. Covering current events, tours, music, videos, and metal-related culture, Metal Sucks is one of the most popular modern metal media outlets.

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Revolver Mag - 2000

Yet another huge magazine publication, Revolver started out originally covering classic rock before niching down into metal music. With bimonthly magazines and a slew of metal related news and content, Revolver is one of the contenders for the biggest metal outlets.

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Metal Injection - 2004

Metal Injection, another staple in the metal media industry, was co-founded by Frank Godla who is also a founder of MetalSucks. The website operates very similarly to MetalSucks with tour dates, current events, merch, music reviews...etc.

Loudwire - 2011

One of the first news sources people think of when talking about rock/metal is Loudwire. The site focuses on current news, tour schedules, upcoming album releases, and videos relating to metal. With

That's it for our list of the best metal blogs in 2024 - we will keep it up to date, so let us know if there are any you think we should include!

The Best Metal Blogs in 2024

  • Metal Injection
  • Loudwire
  • MetalSucks
  • Blabbermouth
  • The Metalverse
  • Louder
  • Decibel Magazine
  • Revolver Mag
  • RockFeed
  • LambGoat

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