Song Review | The Greater Curse By Blood Resignation

Song Review | The Greater Curse By Blood Resignation
Spotify: Blood Resignation

Blood Resignation is a one-man project that has symphonic influences mixed with an overall black metal sound. The song starts off with rapid blast beats, tremolo picking, melodic strings that back up the instrumentals, and distant sounding screamed vocals that really create an intense atmosphere. About 1:30 seconds into the song the vocals and intense instrumentals fade away into dark-sounding ambient strings. The screaming joins in intervals, adding to this ominous sound before everything explodes back in. Lightning-paced drums and guitar along with Blood Resignation's signature screaming vocals work together to create a developed and enjoyable sound. Finally, the song mellows out once again, with a focus on the ambient noise, featuring choir and strings that gradually fade out the track."The Greater Curse" at just under 4 minutes is an aggressive song that fans of thrash and all types of black metal will certainly enjoy!

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