Song Review | "The Prodigal Son" - Dissona

Song Review | "The Prodigal Son" - Dissona

Progressive metal band reigning from Chicago, Dissona released their latest track "The Prodigal Son" on September 22nd. The song starts with intense synths and a distorted news broadcast sample before introducing bright and upbeat electronic pads. After a powerful drum roll, rapid and intense guitar riffage kicks in showing the technical skill of the band's instrumentals. The vocals join in the fray and the energetic singing carries a personality that really adds a special flair to the song. "The Prodigal Son" is based on the Blade Runner character "Roy Batty" and tells untold pieces of his story.

The 6-minute lore-filled track features a dynamic instrumental bridge that starts off with an impressive guitar solo before leading into an ambient section filled with melodic chords and samples similar to the one at the start of the song. With strong theatric vibes and elements like chanting, Dissona creates an inventive song that is bursting with emotion and raw energy. Fans of progressive/alternative metal and "Blade Runner" will definitely enjoy Dissona! You can stream their latest track out now!

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