Song Review | “The Shroud, Pt. 3” - Nothing

Nothing just released their latest single, “The Shroud, Pt. 3” today! The track starts with tribal drumming and intense throat singing/chanting. The intro builds a very dramatic and powerful ambience that gradually fades into the song. Fierce guitar chugging leads into intermittent double bass drumming that seems to be  inspired by Gojira.

Nothing displays instrumental prowess through lighting fast blast beats and double bass drum beats alongside rapid guitar playing. The vocals are raw growls and screams that match the strength of the music behind it. This 6 minute track is full of variation and instrumental changes, keeping a fresh sound. “The Shroud, Pt. 3” leads back into the tribal chants from before and they fade out the song. Fans of progressive metal and bands like Gojira will really enjoy this song!

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