Top Breakdowns Pt. 4 + What Makes Them So Good

Top Breakdowns Pt. 4 + What Makes Them So Good
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Between deathcore, metalcore, hardcore, and all genres in between, there is so much music that revolves around great breakdowns. Today we are diving into some more brutal tempo shifts that are sure to appease your inner breakdown fanatic.

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YouTube: Slaughter to Prevail

Slaughter to Prevail - Demolisher

Genre: Deathcore

Time Stamp: 2:16

Russian deathcore act, Slaughter to Prevail, brings wildly intense music to the table with rapid blast beats, dissonant guitar, and some of the lowest vocal growls in the genre. In the breakdown of "Demolisher", vocalist Alex Terrible quickly growls Russian vocals that are backed up by chugging and double bass drumming before screaming the iconic "demolisher" one-liner. Alex Terrible is known for screaming this part live without a microphone so loud that it can still be heard over the rest of the instrumentals. With crazy live energy and menacing masks, Slaughter to Prevail is a band that puts on an incredible performance.

YouTube: Ice Nine Kills

Ice Nine Kills - The Shower Scene

Genre: Metalcore

Time Stamp: 1:39

Ice Nine Kills has found an incredible niche among fans of horror and metalcore/heavy metal music. Their song "Shower Scene" is inspired by the movie "Psycho" and the famous shower kill scene. Not only does the song make many references to the movie it also packs in a powerful and incredibly catchy chorus. INK creates a strong buildup before exploding into a breakdown with strings (influenced by the "Psycho" soundtrack)  in between chugging. If you love horror movies and metal music, Ice Nine Kills is a band you need to check out!

YouTube: Enterprise Earth

Enterprise Earth - Psalm of Agony

Genre: Deathcore

Time Stamp: 5:33

The nearly 7-minute song is filled with technical instrumentals, extreme vocals, and breakdowns. "Psalm of Agony" even mixes in a chorus with melodic screaming vocals that really add a change of pace to the song. High death metal vocals and growls are used in the breakdown later in the song along with rapid guitar dissonance in a style that fans of DARKO US are familiar with. Enterprise Earth shows an intense heavy style that uses impressive instrumentals and vocals to create a bursting atmosphere. "Psalm of Agony" continues with the breakdown for the last 1:30 of the song and gradually fades out.

YouTube: Bodysnatcher

Bodysnatcher - King of the Rats

Genre: Hardcore / Downtempo

Time Stamp: 1:52

"King of the Rats" is a song overflowing with aggression and intensity. The track comes in just under 3 minutes and starts with a one-liner into an immediate breakdown. Bodysnatcher fills the song with screaming, growls, and buildups that launch you into their anger-filled downtempo breakdowns. Fans of hardcore and deathcore will love "King of the Rats" and the energy it carries with it.

YouTube: Knocked Loose

Knocked Loose - God Knows

Genre: Hardcore

Time Stamp: 2:02

Knocked Loose is one of the biggest bands in the hardcore genre and they are experts at crafting heavy-hitting breakdowns. "God Knows" has multiple but the heaviest one starts after 2 minutes into the track. With an intro that seems inspired by Gojira, Knocked Loose grows more and more hardcore as the song continues. Extreme vocals are screamed before leading into guitar dissonance and a nasty breakdown. The breakdown eventually fades out and leads into a building ominous ambience, before the song abruptly cuts out.

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