Song Review | Toxic By Chernobyl the Secret

Song Review | Toxic By Chernobyl the Secret
Spotify: Chernobyl the Secret

Austin, Texas-based band Chernobyl the Secret is a dynamic metalcore group. Their February release "Toxic" begins with a lofi trap beat that gradually fades in before exploding into djent style instrumentals with screamed vocals as well as singing that is mixed into the background to add another layer of depth to the verse. The chorus is filled with powerful and catchy vocals that are alternated with screaming. The song uses a lot of electronic elements and quiet background vocals/instrumentals to really build a full and strong atmosphere. Next, the track goes into a jaw-dropping breakdown before going back into an altered version of the heavy verse with acoustic guitar and soft instrumentals over it. "Toxic" moves into its strong hook and chorus once again before finishing off with a heavy outro that mixes in a lot of melodic guitar instrumentals that keep it sounding unique from the rest of the song. Fans of Wage War, Currents, and Invent Animate will love Chernobyl the Secret!

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