Song Review | Two-Faced By Face Behind The Betrayal

Song Review | Two-Faced By Face Behind The Betrayal
Spotify: Face Behind Betrayal

Face Behind The Betrayal's 2022 Single "Two-Faced" kicks off with a screeching string scrape leading to a heavy-hitting classic metal riff. With a fast tempo until this point, the riff breaks down, making it unexpectedly heavy. With intense growling vocals, the energy is kept up. The chorus switches to singing along with the guitar melody, and halfway through this changes back to growls that add a dynamic feel to the chorus. Face Behind The Betrayal seems to mix thrash, classic metal, and elements of modern metal into their own flavor of music. After the chorus, the track explodes back into the breakdown, with the contrast in tempo and intensity really making the breakdown stand out. With a runtime of 2:48 "Two-Faced" keeps it short and sweet, this keeps it from being repetitive yet leaving you wanting more. Fans of thrash and classic metal bands should definitely check out Face Behind The Betrayal!

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