Song Review | Ulcerated Hymns By Null Existence

Song Review | Ulcerated Hymns By Null Existence
Spotify: Null Existence

Null Existence is a 2-piece deathcore band and their latest single, "Ulcerated Hymns" features Jason Evans, the vocalist for Ingested. The song keeps a blackened and symphonic feel to it starting with powerful strings, fast guitar, rapid-fire drums and alternated chugging. Null Existence executes a highly technical instrumental sound along with insane vocals that include gutturals, growls, fry screams, and more. The song has a fast tempo that makes the breakdowns so much more intense and dramatic when the tempo contrast hits. The guitar is used with multiple different effects throughout the song to create a very ominous and dark feeling that really builds up the anticipation for the breakdowns and heavy riffs. Null Existence has a sound that reminds me of technical deathcore bands such as Infant Annihilator and Rings of Saturn. Fans of technical music and extreme metal genres like deathcore will thoroughly enjoy Ulcerated Hymns.

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