Song Review | "Vastwood" - Ocean of Illusions

Song Review | "Vastwood" - Ocean of Illusions
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"Vastwood" off of Ocean of the Illusions' full-length album, "Unrecognizable". Ocean of Illusions starts off the track with fast piano and ambient noise that leads into tremolo-picking guitar, thrash beats, and brutal vocals that use growling, gutturals, and screaming. "Vastwood" mixes piano and melodic instrumentals in the background, underneath drop-tuned guitar chugging, heavy instrumentation, and extreme vocals. This juxtaposition of extreme metal and ominous classical music really creates a dramatic sense of contrast that adds to the mood of the song, making it stand out. Ocean of Illusions creates the intensity of a modern hardcore song yet with its own flair that keeps it catchy and different from the typical hardcore sound. The song has a soaring guitar solo that leads back into the hardcore parts of the song before going into a breakdown with screeching guitar dissonance. "Vastwood" is a very creative song that shows Ocean of Illusions' enjoyable sound.

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