Gospel Of Decay Releases Debut EP “Veil Of Silence”

Gospel Of Decay Releases Debut EP “Veil Of Silence”
Gospel of Decay - Veil Of Silence | Cover


  1. As The Flowers Curl
  2. Sound Of Grief
  3. Departure


Gospel of Decay is a fresh Doom Metal act and they just released an exciting debut EP “Veil Of Silence”. The 3 track release, starts off with “As The Flowers Curl”, a 1 minute ominous yet ambient intro that sets the tone for the following two songs.

The first full-length song of the EP “Sound Of Grief” starts abruptly with explosive distorted guitar chugs and intensely harmonic violin melodies filling in the full scope of sound creating a satisfyingly full atmosphere. Powerful screams work alongside dark instrumentals to form a distinct doom metal sound. The song slows into clean guitar with theatrical vocals before an explosion into a mixture of screaming and singing overtop of sludgy guitar riffs and orchestral violin runs. “Sound Of Grief” features legendary Doom Metal vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe of My Dying Bride adding an exciting contrast between vocalists and an impressive feature to the EP.

The final track “Departure” starts with clean guitar melodies that are soon accompanied by building strings, displaying Gospel of Decay’s unique orchestral driven Doom Metal style. Crushingly heavy vocal growls work alongside heavy-hitting guitar and dramatic violins to form an expertly-crafted atmosphere. Blending dark instrumentals and atmospheres with highly melodic strings creates an intense juxtaposition throughout Gospel Of Decay’s music that keeps the band’s sound varied and wildly interesting. Clocking in at just under 6 minutes, “Departure” takes the form of an extreme metal ballad, mixing classical music elements with modern metal to create a distinctly attractive combination of genres. Fans of heavy metal, doom metal, black metal, and more will definitely enjoy Gospel Of Decays debut EP “Veil Of Silence”. You can stream the bands impressive display of musicianship, out on all streaming platforms now!

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