Song Review | Vein Popping Sauna Party By Gorebag

Song Review | Vein Popping Sauna Party By Gorebag
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If you couldn't tell from the cover art and name, Gorebag is a grindcore/goregrind band with their latest release, "Vein Popping Sauna Party" out now. The song vocally features deep, almost inhuman gutturals and growls. Alongside these extreme vocals, there are punctual riffs including chugging and powerful drums. The song intermixes tremolo picking and speedier thrash elements at times, which mix up and vary the song well.  Gorebag features samples that add to the intense atmosphere that the song already has created. "Vein Popping Sauna Party" has a raw and brutal sound that reminds me of the classic death metal mixes by bands like Cannibal Corpse but with Gorebag's own modern taste. I think this is about as extreme as you can get in heavy metal and I'm all for it. With macabre, ever-intriguing album art and comical gore-based names, Gorebag has a sound and specific style that they stick to. Fans of extreme metal and bands such as Dying Fetus and Cannibal corpse, this is a band you definitely should check out!

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