Voidchaser Releases New Single “Tyrant” + Exclusive Interview

Voidchaser Releases New Single “Tyrant” + Exclusive Interview
Tyrant - Cover Artwork


Hailing from Stockholm and Montreal, 4-piece progressive metal outfit Voidchaser unleashed their latest single “Tyrant” upon the world on April 2nd. The remixed and remastered version of the song wastes no time, launching into action with celestial synths and dramatic guitar chugging. Intricate instrumental riffage works alongside fierce screaming to create an electrifying and dynamic soundscape. Voidchaser quickly establishes a brutally heavy yet technical sound that blends progressive metal with elements of extreme metal. “Tyrant” bursts into an anthemic chorus with powerful singing and bright guitar chords. Voidchaser expertly utilizes contrast between screaming and singing vocals to create an intense shift in sound between sections.

Imbued with a space-themed sound, Voidchaser creates a distinctly unique style that mixes influences from death metal, thrash, metalcore and more into an attractive progressive metal sound. Ending with an intricate guitar solo, Voidchaser exhibits a powerful display of musicianship with their music. You can stream Voidchaser’s latest song “Tyrant” out everywhere now!

Exclusive Interview

1. How would you describe your music?

Voidchaser: We see our music as a bridge to prog metal, making it more accessible and inviting. It's a harmonious blend of progressive metal with a mix of various other genres, all while weaving in some captivating sci-fi elements. This fusion creates a sound that perfectly balances the powerful intensity of heavy metal with the lyrical elegance of melody. We strive to create tunes that not only resonate with die-hard prog fans but also welcome newcomers with open arms, offering them a taste of the depth and creativity this genre has to offer.

2. What are the Voidchaser's biggest influences?

Voidchaser: Our musical influences are as diverse as they are profound, drawing from the complex layers of progressive metal giants like Dream Theater, Opeth, Periphery, and Haken, to the eclectic vibes of Rush and the animated flair of Dethklok. Each of us in the band contributes our own personal favorites and styles to the mix. Together, we like to think this blend crafts a sound that’s both refreshingly unique and comfortingly familiar to fans of prog metal with a dash of death metal. It’s this shared passion for diverse sounds that really fuels our creativity and brings our music to life.

3. What is "Tyrant" about and what does it mean to you?

Voidchaser: "Tyrant" really resonates deeply with us. As we set out on our musical journey with our debut EP "Odyssey," it quickly became evident that this track would lead the charge as our single. It's potent, intensely heavy, and vibrates with energy. Originally featured on our debut EP, "Tyrant" has been beautifully transformed in its re-release, remixed, and remastered by our dear friend Jason Poulin.

For us, "Tyrant" is more than just a song—it's a reflection of the battles against oppressive forces, whether they be societal constructs or internal struggles. It serves as a call to arms for self-determination and resistance, encouraging listeners to question authority and assert their unique identities. It also marks the beginning of a broader narrative that we're weaving through our music, setting the stage for all that's to come in the Voidchaser saga.

In essence, "Tyrant" is a celebration of human resilience and the powerful role of art in sparking change, resonating with those who seek strength and freedom from adversity. While we steer clear of overt political messages, our aim is to inspire everyone to live fully and authentically, empowered by their own story.

4. How did the band form/when?

Voidchaser: Our journey began in early 2023 when Chad Bernatchez, our lead singer and songwriter, teamed up with drummer André Ouellette and our original bassist, Cam, to bring his musical visions to life on stage. As our musical collaboration deepened, we welcomed guitarist Jeff Lehberg into the fold, marking a pivotal moment in shaping what Voidchaser would become. Eventually, bassist Jici LG came aboard, taking over from Cam, and with his arrival, our lineup felt complete. Each change and new addition has helped us grow into the tightly-knit musical family we are today.

5. If you could open a show for any artist at any venue who or where would it be and why?

Voidchaser: Each of us in Voidchaser might give you a slightly different answer to this, but they all circle around the same thrilling possibilities. For some, the dream is to open a show for icons like Devin Townsend, Haken, or Dethklok. For others, the ultimate goal is performing on the Heavy MTL festival or the 70000 Tons of Metal cruise, especially if we could open for a legend like Meshuggah. But it's not just the stellar lineup or the chance to share our music with die-hard metal fans that excites us; it's the unparalleled experience of being in the midst of like-minded souls in such a captivating setting. And let's be honest, who could pass up the chance to crack open a cold one while headbanging with fellow metal enthusiasts?

6. What is your favorite show you’ve played?

Voidchaser: Our favorite gig so far has to be the one we played at Traxxide, a gritty underground DIY punk venue. The vibe there was electric—there's something special about playing in a space where you can feel every ounce of energy from the crowd. It was a super intimate and really unique experience.

7. What is the story behind the name Voidchaser?

Voidchaser: The story behind our name starts with Chad, who was deep into playing a game called Divinity Original Sin 2. In the game, there are these menacing creatures called Voidwoken. When we were brainstorming band names, Chad drew inspiration from the game, suggesting a twist on the creatures' name. By swapping out 'woken' with 'chaser,' it suddenly sounded like something out of a sci-fi epic, perhaps a starship racing through the cosmos. We all loved the imagery and vibe it conjured, so the name Voidchaser really stuck with us.

8. If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be?

Voidchaser: We’re deeply committed to nurturing a music industry that embraces and supports every artist. We envision a community where creativity and individuality are at the heart of success, not just the ability to follow commercial trends. It's important to us that the industry operates with transparency and treats every artist fairly, especially when it comes to compensation and opening doors for new talents. We dream of a place where artists are valued as much for their unique voices as for their market potential, ensuring a vibrant, inclusive future for all musicians.

9. Do you have any upcoming shows, songs, collaborations, or something you are excited for and can share?

Voidchaser: We're thrilled to continue the momentum with our "Ashes of the Void" Canadian tour this June, stopping in cities like Hamilton, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. This tour is already proving to be an incredible way for us to connect directly with our fans across the country and share unforgettable moments on stage alongside bands like Ashbreather, who have become like family to us.

In addition to our Canadian adventures, we're in the process of finalizing our plans for a European tour. The lineup and schedule are nearly set; we're just waiting to confirm the venues. More details will be available soon, so stay tuned!

On the creative front, despite the distance with our singer/guitarist Chad living in Sweden, our collaborative spirit hasn’t faltered. We’re excited to announce that our new single will be released in June, perfectly timed with our ongoing Canadian tour. Following that, our eagerly anticipated EP is scheduled for release in August. We're enthusiastic about these new releases that showcase our collective creativity and can't wait to bring this new music to you. Stay tuned for a summer full of new sounds and exciting updates!

10. What is one style of music you do and don’t like outside of rock/metal?

Voidchaser: Our musical tastes are quite eclectic, and we find joy and inspiration in a vast array of genres—from the intricate melodies of jazz and the grandeur of classical to the infectious beats of pop and the raw energy of alternative. That said, we truly value authenticity in music, and our hearts lean towards genres where artistic expression shines over commercial success. For us, it’s all about the music that resonates deeply and stirs the soul, rather than what simply tops the charts.

 11. What is your favorite or least favorite part of the music business?

Voidchaser: The competitive nature of the music industry can be disheartening at times, especially when algorithms and financial backing seem to overshadow artistic merit. However, we've found solace in the digital landscape, where opportunities for global collaboration and connection abound. While the challenges persist, we're grateful for the chance to reach audiences worldwide, including unexpected successes in regions like South America.

12. What does the band enjoy doing outside of music?

Voidchaser: Outside of music, André enjoys activities like Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, mountain biking, and spending time with his family. Chad is a huge gamer, but in between playthroughs of Baldur’s Gate 3, he is usually hanging out with his wife and dog, going to the gym, exploring Europe, reading or DMing D&D campaigns. When he's not playing or producing music, Jici works as a clinical psychologist. He enjoys deep and meaningful conversations and loves relaxing with his girlfriend, family and dogs. Meanwhile, Jeffrey, who plays in five bands, still finds time to immerse himself in God of War sessions and enjoys rocking out to Guns n' Roses on loop. He is also pursuing studies in education.

13. What inspired the band to start making music?

Voidchaser: In Voidchaser, every band member brings a deep love for music and a genuine desire for creative expression that resonates in everything we do. The thrill of live performances, the emotional release of composing and recording, and the strong sense of brotherhood we feel as a band—these are the things that keep our creative fires burning. Together, our shared passion for music intertwines with our love for science fiction and storytelling, inspiring us to keep pushing the boundaries of our art. This journey is more than just playing notes; it’s about weaving our stories and dreams into the music we create together.

14. What is your creative process when creating new music?

Voidchaser: Our creative journey is deeply collaborative and vibrantly dynamic. It often starts with a spark from Chad's initial compositions, which act as a springboard for our collective creativity. Together, we dive into each piece, experimenting and tinkering with various musical elements and arrangements. Each of us brings our unique insights and musical expertise to the table, enriching the process. This way of working together not only melds our individual voices into a rich tapestry of sound but also strengthens our bond as musicians. We continuously challenge ourselves to push the boundaries, ensuring that each new song is a step forward in our collective artistic evolution.

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