Song Review | "Walk Away" - Beyond The Tides

Song Review | "Walk Away" - Beyond The Tides
Spotify Cover: Beyond The Tides

Metalcore trio, Beyond The Tides, released their latest single "Walk Away" today (June 2nd)! The track starts with a blegh that has a vocoder effect over it that pitch shifts in a creative and excellently crafted manner. "Walk Away" has brutal verses with chugging and crashing cymbals that add tons of intensity to the music.

Beyond The Tides features energetic singing choruses that occasionally alternate with screaming vocals to form a strong contrast. With a range of vocals from screaming, growling, and singing the band shows a display of diverse vocal techniques. The nearly 4-minute song mixes in breakdowns after melodic sections of the song to make them hit so much harder. Beyond The Tide creates a powerful blend of melody and brutality in their own style. With a brilliant intro, "Walk Away" also ends on a strong note with a ferocious breakdown. Fans of Metalcore and Deathcore will highly enjoy Beyond The Tides. You can stream "Walk Away" now!

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