Song Review | "War" - Dark Depictions

Song Review | "War" - Dark Depictions
Spotify Cover: Dark Depictions

Dark Depictions 2022 single "War" is 4 and a half minutes of brutal, down-tempo deathcore. The track starts with heavy symphonic elements with choirs and orchestral sounds adding to the background of the song. Dark Depictions uses rapid double bass drumming, chugging, and extreme vocal styles to create an intensely heavy sound. The first 2 minutes of the song stay the same rapid tempo before exploding into an insane breakdown with inhuman fry screams and drawn-out silence.

After a chorus with screaming layered over orchestral instrumentals to create a sense of melody, "War" eventually leads into an ambient bridge that builds up listeners' anticipation. Dark Depictions launches into yet another high scream-filled wildly intense breakdown. Fans of bands such as Lorna Shore, Signs of the Swarm, and Infant Annihilator will definitely love "War". The band has 3 singles out now and leaves us excited to see what they will release next!

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