Song Review | “What God Wants” - Ben Sebastian

Song Review | “What God Wants” - Ben Sebastian
Ben Sebastian - Cover Art

Ben Sebastian released his latest single “What God Wants” on October 17th. The track is a metal reimagination of the 1992 song by Roger Waters. Pink Floyd, as well as Roger Waters’ solo career has been a large influence on Ben Sebastian and he pays homage to them with his cover of “What God Wants”. The 5 minute track condenses the original length of 14 minutes into a faster pacing, introducing a more dynamic and energetic speed to the song.

“What God Wants” starts with similar samples to the beginning of the original before bursting into rapid guitar riffage, brutal screaming and growling, and orchestral sounds. Ben Sebastian creates a huge atmosphere filled with complex instrumental layering to form a deeply filled ambient sound. With double bass drumming and blast beats, the rapid pace is continued and the juxtaposition between Sebastians’s intense vocals and the melody of the background instrumentals create a powerful sense of contrast. An epic and futuristic sounding synth solo leads into the song's finale. Fans of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, and Metal will definitely enjoy the reimagined version of “What God Wants” that Ben Sebastian has created!

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