Song Review | "What We Conquer" - Apparitions

Song Review | "What We Conquer" - Apparitions
Spotify Cover: Apparitions 

Alabama metalcore outfit, Apparitions, released their latest single "What We Conquer" on July 28th. The track starts with a bone-crushing technical djent riff that soon changes into explosive chugging, intense growling, and screaming vocals. Apparitions create an excellent mix of brutally low vocals and high melodic singing that rapidly alternates, forming a powerful contrast between the two sounds. The song’s chorus is filled with dynamic guitar chords and soaring vocals that make a catchy and harmonic sound. With an instant and dramatic tempo shift "What We Conquer" throws the listener into the midst of a destructive breakdown after the first chorus.

The 3-and-a-half-minute song packs in a ton of styles and influences into Apparitions very own distinct sound. After an emotional piano bridge into the second and final chorus, "What We Conquer" transitions into another breakdown, this time filled with ethnic electronic sounds that add a unique sound overtop of the breakdown, filling in the atmosphere excellently. Fans of metalcore, deathcore, prog, and djent will love Apparitions! You can stream their single "What We Conquer" now!

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