Song Review | "Winterborn" - Leveler

Song Review | "Winterborn" - Leveler
Spotify Cover: Leveler

Denver, Colorado metalcore act, Leveler, released their most recent song, "Winterborn" on June 30th. The song delivers a modern take on metalcore, beginning with a building electronic intro that launches into rapid djent-styled guitar runs, double bass drumming, and digital synth melodies behind the brutal instrumentals adding catchy elements to the atmosphere. Intense screams work in tandem with the heavy-hitting guitar riffage to create a truly powerful metalcore sound.

The 4-minute track has a build-up into a breakdown with rapid double bass beats and chugging that leads back into the song's breakdown that features synth melodies, screaming, and singing all layered together to create an excellent mix of harmony and aggression. Leveler overall has developed a well-crafted song that leaves listeners excited to hear more. Fans of metalcore, deathcore, and extreme metal genres will highly enjoy "Winterborn" and its refined sound.

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